20 May 2018


1. Hi. This is fat Bernard, writing. Why is fat Bernard calling himself fat? Well, here’s why. I am usually very strict with what I eat on a daily basis. Sometimes it gets really boring eating the same thing over and over again. So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been binge eating on food that I know I should not be eating.

14 May 2018
• Lechon Kawali with Rice (eatery near my apartment)

15 May 2018
• Grand Breakfast Platter (Gelatofix)
• Corned Beef Pandesal (Starbucks)

16 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• 1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak
• McSpaghetti
• Filet-O-Fish
• Crispy Chicken Fillet with Rice
• 2-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo

17 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Breakfast 2-pc. Chicken with Egg
• 2-pc. Hotcake
• Egg McMuffin
• Hashbrown
• Longganisa with Rice
• Sausage McMuffin with Egg

18 May 2018 (all from Jollibee)
• Pancake Sandwich
• Breakfast Shanghai
• Breakfast Yum Burger
• Breakfast Spicy Chickenjoy
• Breakfast 2-pc. Longganisa
• 2-pc. Pancake

19 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Cheesy Eggdesal with Ham
• Cheesy Eggdesal with Sausage
• Longgadesal with Egg

20 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Big Breakfast
• Breakfast 2-pc. Chicken with Egg

2. I would like to eat not just food but also pussy again. Not just any ordinary pussy. I must be somehow attracted to the girl first before I am willing to eat her pussy. There are different positions with which I can eat her tight and juicy pussy. I prefer for her pussy to be completely or partially shaved even if I don’t shave my own pubic hair anymore. I shaved my pubic hair once or maybe twice when I was in high school or college. I felt so naked after shaving all my pubic hair.

3. The only big purchase I can really think of is the studio at One Shangri-La Place. I already mentioned the price of a studio at One Shangri-La Place a lot of times but I will mention it again. It costs about 8,000,000 PHP (153,240 USD).

I’ve read before that One Shangri-La Place is pretty safe against earthquake fault lines and other types of natural calamities or disasters. I don’t really care about the resale value. If I buy a unit there, I’m gonna stay there for good for the rest of my life.

I was thinking that I will rent a unit from One Shangri-La Place first via Airbnb before I commit in paying a large sum of money. If I’m gonna buy one unit in the future, I’m gonna buy it in cash without any kind of loan or installment. This studio will be my headquarters. I will then travel around the world knowing that I have a comfy home I can come back to.

4. I should really stop binge eating. This is why I don’t eat food anymore before going to work for the last three days. I’ve consumed too much food. If I eat what I normally eat in addition to all the junk food that I ate, I would be really obese in no time. I also don’t eat when I’m in the office even if I have access to free food at certain hours.

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