21 Apr 2018


1. I had this former coworker who before he left told me that I should say hi to him (or to it) if in case I see him anywhere in the future. My answer was maybe. The reason I said maybe is because this person cursed me a couple of times right to my face. This person called me a bitch. First of all, I am not a bitch. I am a lot of things, but definitely not a bitch. An asshole, maybe sometimes, but not always. And I am not being an asshole deliberately. Second of all, I did not do anything to him to deserve this shit.

I don’t know if I should call this person a bitch-asshole or an asshole-bitch. He (or it) knows this website. He might even be subscribed to my free email subscription. That means he will receive a notification via email that I published this post.

2. Hey Angela “Pinky” Bendigo Go! I received news that you’re still living under the same roof as my foster parents. You fucking bitch. I don’t understand why Tommy Go allowed you to stay with them after you had sex with his driver. You already had five fucking kids when you became unfaithful to your husband. I have some ideas though as to why he is tolerating this.

  1. You are still his former wife. He loved you. He made five kids with you. There might still be a former attachment. There might still be a lingering hope.
  2. No close relative would take care of his mother who is already 90 years old whom I consider as one of my foster parents.
  3. No close relative would take care of the five children. Granted that the first three are already working, the fourth will graduate college soon, and the fifth will attend college soon as well.

If I was the one cheated on like this, I would never accept her back. Ever. But for reasons two and three I stated above, I might just as well. I’m not gonna do it for her. I’m gonna do it for my mother and for my kids. That is if I was in Tommy’s shoes.

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