21 Feb 2017


1. I’m not perfect. When I talk to people I try to filter everything first before words come out of my mouth.

But there are times when I just want to improvise. And it is during these unedited times when people feel that they are better than me. They will correct what I say. I’m open to corrections as long as they approach me in the right way. Even if they don’t do it in the right way, I will still not forget what they say. I will internalize it. I will evaluate myself to be a better person. But these people who are correcting me don’t know when I’m improvising or not. I’m operating in a way that is somehow not natural for me. For them it is natural. And in my ever-present observation, they make more mistakes than me. It never occurred to them that they are also making a lot of mistakes. And they don’t normally introspect and evaluate themselves. When I encounter their mistakes, I don’t normally point it out as much as they point out my mistakes. Maybe what I should do more is that I should point out their mistakes as much they criticize me. But I don’t like doing this anymore. I don’t like minding other people’s business anymore. As long as they don’t step on me, I won’t take any actions. I’ll only do something when I feel that they are using me like a doormat.

2. I encountered someone months ago who told me to “fuck the bitch”. I’m well acquainted with a lot of idioms. I asked what he means by what he said. He said it is an idiom. I actually asked him if he mean it idiomatically or literally. I’m pretty sure he mean it literally to fuck the bitch because I know it is not an idiom. I even googled it. It’s not even an idiom.

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