22 Feb 2017


1. There was a person yesterday who approached me and suddenly said something. I might seem slow in how I speak and move, but if I compare myself to this person I know where I stand. Treated me like an idiot. Can he do this to someone of a higher position? Of course, he won’t be able to do it. The former approach the latter with fear and trembling.

2. Is this necessary? I have to keep on asking myself this question a lot of times. Because most of the shit I do every day is not necessary. But the persistent habits I made in the past are too difficult to change. I want to change all the things I can see that needs to be changed at the same time. It is too intimidating. Too much for me to bear. Too hard to deal with. Maybe I should just tackle one of out of the many unnecessary things in my life first. Then once I have straightened it out, I’ll tackle the next one. Attacking all of them at the same time creates this unnecessary pressure on my psyche. This bottleneck can be avoided if I just solve one problem at a time. One at a time. Yes. That’s what I need to do. And I need to say no a lot of times. Too many people offering different unnecessary things to my life that I don’t really need. It will only slow me down. But sometimes I give in because of complacency. Because of laziness. Because I forget. That’s why it is important to remind myself every day of what is important and what is not important. Most of them are not important. It frees up my limited resources to focus on what is truly important. I’m using unimportant stuff as a distraction to avoid the things that are important.

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