23 Dec 2016

1. Changed the background from very light gray (#FAFAFA) to white (#FFFFFF). #FFFFFF is one of the safest web colors.

2. Migrated BernardGo.com from StableHost (Phoenix, Arizona data center) to SiteGround (Singapore data center).

3. Implemented HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt and Really Simple SSL.

4. BernardGo.com was using the default PHP 5.3 at StableHost. SiteGround changed their default PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 last 07 Dec 2016. I changed it to PHP 7.1 since SiteGround made PHP 7.1 available on most of its servers just minutes after it was officially released last 01 Dec 2016.

5. I won’t be using Cloudflare for now. I’ll just use KeyCDN in the near future. I’ll add Cloudflare if I really need a multi-CDN setup.

6. VaultPress at BernardGo.com is up and running again.

7. BernardGo.com is going up and down every couple of minutes for the past 7 hours. I hope it becomes stable once it is finished propagating all over the world.

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