23 Feb 2015

1. Do not look at other people. Just mind your own business.

2. I was not able to read and write that much for the past 2 weeks. I don’t know if tea is the real culprit. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. I mean in the past I was using 5 tea bags a day. It makes me restless. I cannot sleep once I get home. Two weeks ago I tried turning it down to just 3 tea bags a day. It is very effective. I am not restless anymore. I feel like an elementary student again. Once I get home, after eating, I’ll read, but I am so sleepy that after about 30 minutes of reading a book I am asleep already. I am writing this 2.5 hours before my wake-up time to prepare to go to work.

3. A couple of days ago I had a dream where an old lady was talking to me about her Sheaffer gold-plated Prelude Signature Collection. I don’t know why I am having weird dreams lately.

4. I saw the girl who wears short dresses again. Of course she was with her boyfriend. She looked at me. Her eyes were looking directly at me and then trying to look the other way. She did this for three times in the span of 5 seconds. She was wearing short shorts.

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