25 Jun 2015

1. I worked on my website for a couple of hours yesterday and earlier today. When I was securing my website with VaultPress earlier today, the people on my left side were watching Insidious: Chapter 3. I have watched this movie at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall the first day it was released in the Philippines. It was scary. I vowed to myself not to watch horror movies ever again in the future. I promised myself a long time ago that I will never ever watch horror movies again. But I was really curious. I can’t help it.

When I was halfway through in securing my website, I went to Mercury Drug to buy food for breakfast. I was still thinking about the steps I needed to do with VaultPress so I was not paying attention to other people at Mercury Drug. It was around 3 a.m. There were three people in front of me at the checkout counter; the European-looking guy in his 40s, and two young women. It was only after they left that the two guards armed with pump-action shotguns and the attractive cashier talked about one of the women. Again, I was not paying attention to my surroundings because I was meditating about my website. So I was not able to see the face of the woman they were talking about. They said she was an actress. I hope I was able to see her face. Too bad.

You might wonder how I was able to notice the attractive cashier and the guards at Mercury Drug when I am not paying attention to my surroundings. It’s because I’m already familiar with these people, but not the actress. That’s why.

2. Exactly 1 week ago, I slept from 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. That’s 22 hours! I never went out of my penthouse; I just woke up to go to the bathroom or drink a glass of water. Now you cannot really accuse me of being lazy because during the past 2 weeks we were subjected to inhumane torture at the office.

3. When putting detergent powder into the washing machine, make sure that the water is already at the low level first. Then turn the knob of the wash timer from 0 to 15 minutes. Wait for the water to be turbulent first before putting the detergent powder into the water. Why? Because if you put the detergent powder into the washing machine while there is no water, then some of that powder will get into the small crevices or the holes where the water is drained. If you put the detergent powder into the washing machine while the water is stagnant, even if there is water already in it, the detergent powder will not melt immediately.

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