25 Nov 2014

On 16 Nov 2014 I had a verbal agreement with Andy. He would help me relocate from point A to point B on 23 Nov 2014. He reneged on our agreement. He has the audacity to do this to me because he himself told me that he would resign in 2015 from the company he is currently employed at. You can’t win a fight with someone who has nothing to lose. Not only this. He could have told me then and there that he does not want to help me at all. I would have understood and moved on. Instead of hanging on the assurance between 16 Nov 2014 and 23 Nov 2014. Never to deal with people who doesn’t keep their word. Never to deal with untrustworthy people. No wonder his boss is frequently shouting at him. He’ll give ulcer to anyone who crosses his path.

Bernard, just make sure you don’t end up like him. A body which has existed for the past fifty to sixty years. But has a brain of a 13-year-old.

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