26 Dec 2016

1. I received a text from Globe Telecom last 25 Dec 2016. It says that my SIM will be deactivated soon because of zero load balance. It reminds me to load up before 07 Feb 2017, 22:46 to keep my SIM active. This feature was not available before when my previous SIM got deactivated. Thank you for reminding me Globe.

2. If you’re in Asia, BernardGo.com’s load time would be about one second or less. If you’re in Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, or Australia, it would be about two seconds or less. I haven’t even used KeyCDN yet.

3. The data center that SiteGround has in Singapore is owned by SoftLayer (an IBM subsidiary since 2013). SoftLayer is the gold standard when it comes to data centers. High-quality stuff right there.

4. Changed the Primary and Secondary Text from #222222 (not a web-safe color) to #333333 (a web-safe color). I might change it again. Maybe to #000000 (one of the safest web colors).

5. BernardGo.com is very stable again. The global DNS propagation was finished a couple of days ago.

6. I wrote last 24 Jun 2016 that I want BernardGo.com to be more secure, more stable, and faster for my readers all over the world. And I delivered. It is definitely the case now more than ever. It will even be more of these once I activate KeyCDN.

7. I activated and configured WP Rocket on BernardGo.com yesterday.

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