26 Feb 2017


1. I want to have a private DNS in the future. It is going to be ns1.bernardgo.com and ns2.bernardgo.com. It also comes with two free dedicated IPs. It costs 99 USD a year with SiteGround.

2. I want to have a VPN for my laptop and smartphone in the future. It will be with ExpressVPN or somewhere even better. It costs 99.95 USD a year with ExpressVPN. One subscription with them covers three devices of any type.

3. I don’t know if I’m doing this right. I already emailed WP Rocket regarding this, but they will only be able to reply to me this Monday. But for now let me tell you that I added these URLs to WP Rocket’s Settings > Advanced options > Prefetch DNS requests:


Not using DNS prefetching:


Dallas 2.36 s / 523 ms / 467 ms / 437 ms / 425 ms
Melbourne 3.24 s / 929 ms / 770 ms / 674 ms / 797 ms
New York City 3.13 s / 647 ms / 695 ms / 632 ms / 680 ms
San Jose 3.58 s / 1.13 s / 1.03 s / 1.10 s / 963 ms
Stockholm 3.57 s / 1.16 s / 416 ms / 481 ms / 313 ms

Using DNS prefetching:


Dallas 1.29 s / 454 ms / 462 ms / 428 ms / 452 ms
Melbourne 3.15 s / 671 ms / 677 ms / 671 ms / 785 ms
New York City 1.59 s / 804 ms / 707 ms / 817 ms / 766 ms
San Jose 2.41 s / 1.05 s / 977 ms / 978 ms / 998 ms
Stockholm 2.10 s / 1.15 s / 365 ms / 359 ms / 373 ms


The first and repeat views when using DNS prefetching are, on average, faster.

4. There are people who think I’m this stingy person who is always counting all the numbers. But they are wrong. They just need to watch how I live, and they will see how wrong they are.

I’m counting the numbers because those numbers are just the basics. If people can’t properly handle the basics of things, then how can I expect them to handle the more complicated aspects of things?

There is a boundary to this. There is a stop-loss limit. There is a point of no return. There comes a time when I get fed up with people establishing themselves as these unreliable sources of most things.

There is no reputation to save. I have already seen the despicable qualities that no amount of reconciliation can fix. The only solution is to cut them off completely from my life. If that is not possible yet, then to not engage with them as much as possible. Their toxicity rubs off on me.

Once a history of negative qualities have been established, it is extremely difficult or even impossible to change the image. Because day-to-day observations only reinforces my intuition.

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