28 Nov 2014

It has been my habit to stay on the left side of the train from Shaw Boulevard to Quezon Avenue. After people have alighted from the train at Quezon Avenue Station, I will move to the right side of the train. People normally don’t bother me in doing this. But yesterday was different. A guy was waiting for all the passengers to get off the train at Quezon Avenue Station. Just like what I do. He was angry with me because he thought I would get off the train as well. But I stopped at the center of the door, knowing fully well that no one will get off the train anymore.

The reason why he is angry with me is because he wants to be at the center of the door as well. Only one person can be at the center. The person at the center has a high chance to be the first in moving beyond the contraption that eats tickets. Since he was emotionally charged, even if I was at the center of the door, he was the first to approach the machine. But since his mind was clouded with anger, I was able to insert the ticket into the machine perfectly at the first try.

I was walking at a normal pace. And I noticed that this guy is really angry with me. He is not particularly in a hurry to go to work. He just want to overtake me and be first. After that his pace was normal again. I walked faster to overtake him. He does not want to be overtaken. He ran to overtake me again. I didn’t bother to play this foolish game anymore. What would being “first” give you? Nothing! After this I was emotionally charged as well. I wanted to curse him. I wanted to punch him behind his head so hard that it will dislocate his brain from his skull. I wanted to kill him. So now he is first. He has 10 more seconds to go to Facebook and stalk his schoolmates and workmates. He can waste more time watching TV. More time for porn and masturbation. Good luck!

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