30 May 2017

I didn’t have work yesterday since it was Memorial Day in the States.

Normally, I would eat 180 grams of tuna paella and 200 grams of pineapple after work before I start my rest day by going to Redtube.com then finding some fuckable women that I can masturbate to.

What happened yesterday was after I arrived at my apartment I didn’t do the usual habit of watching porn, jerking off, then having an orgasm. I like having at least two or three orgasms on my rest days.

Since I skipped doing this ritual I had a motherfucking wet dream earlier this morning where I was fingering a petite, beautiful woman.

Then I requested her to lie down on me while I was lying down on my bed with my face facing the white ceiling. She was also facing the ceiling while she was on me and being fingered by me before I inserted my dick into her tight pussy.

It was when I was penetrating her tight pussy while we were in this sexual position that I came.

Fuck. I can’t avoid my sexual drive.

Just thinking about what happened makes me really horny right now. But I can’t express it because I have work for the next three days.

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