31 Jan 2017


1. I don’t eat breakfast and lunch during workdays. I only eat dinner. Eating only once every 24 hours is what I’m currently doing. It’s almost impossible to do this on my two rest days a week. So on my rest days I eat two to three times a day.

2. I meditate 20 minutes a day during workdays. And I also do 5 minutes a day of visualization. It’s also almost impossible to do this on my rest days. If I can’t help eating more than I need to on my rest days, that’s fine. Because even if I eat more than once a day on my rest days, the amount of food I consume is measured. There is a limit I impose on myself. But with the meditation and visualization, I need to do this every single day for the rest of my life. Weekdays. Weekends. Workdays. Rest days. Holidays. When I’m sick. When I’m depressed. When I’m really tired. When I’m having suicidal thoughts. When I forget. When I get complacent. When I get lazy. Every day. No excuses. And I need to increase the time from 20 minutes to 40 minutes then to 1 hour a day.

3. I haven’t dealt with KeyCDN yet. I’m too tired to deal with this when I get home. I’ll tweak the settings this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’ve already established the basic settings, and I’ve seen the load times decreased in the range between 200 milliseconds to 1 second. I’m not sure if after some advanced adjustments I might be able to decrease the load times by another 500 milliseconds.

4. I haven’t bought any new clothes for more than 18 months. I shouldn’t have donated some of my clothes yet. My optimism last year was unfounded. I should have made sure first that I got a higher paying job earning more peanuts before dreaming about all the useless shit I can buy.

“If you don’t have discipline, you don’t deserve to dream.”

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