CJ Blanco

23 May 2017

I made a mistake last 12 Apr 2017, and I’ll take full responsibility for it.

I got a Samsung Galaxy J1 mini for being part of the store. One of my new team mates, Trica, wanted to buy it from me last 12 Apr 2017. The day before, I bought some papaya fruit (0.424 kg) from Robinsons Supermarket and it contributed to making me dizzy on 12 Apr 2017. One of my former team mates, Dominic, was either messing with me or was being serious in bugging me to sell to him the phone at a discount of 68% or to sell it to him for only 500 PHP. Then Christian Jabe “CJ” Andrada Blanco approached me and wanted to buy the phone from me as well last 12 Apr 2017. Remember I was very dizzy that day. Maybe because of the fruit I ate. Maybe because of the people around me asking me too many questions about the phone. Maybe because of all the walking around I did during my lunchtime processing the papers so I can take out the phone from the office. Or maybe because of all these things combined.

The phone was already on my workstation after lunch. It was there until CJ Blanco got it from my table. I let him take the phone without giving me the money first. Remember I was very dizzy for the next four hours after lunch, and I was also very dizzy during lunchtime. I didn’t know the price at the time. I only checked the price after shift when I went to Anson’s. The price at Anson’s was 3,590 PHP. CJ Blanco told me to just tell him the price and then he will pay me. I told him to just pay me 3,500 PHP instead of 3,590 PHP. He never had the intention of paying me in the first place. I waited and waited. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I waited for 12 days before he made a partial payment of 1,000 PHP on 24 Apr 2017. I’m writing this draft on 23 May 2017 so 42 days had passed and he still hasn’t paid me the remaining balance of 2,500 PHP. I’m writing this right now because I’m so angry that I cannot sleep properly for the past 42 days. I even got sick between the last week of Apr 2017 and the first week of May 2017. I spent almost 2,000 PHP on medicines for me to get better.

He is not replying anymore through text. I shouldn’t have won the phone in the first place. Or I should have went out of the office for about two minutes to store the phone in my locker where it is safer. Where no one would bother me anymore about it.

I will never let this happen again. All exchanges must be secure, fast, and reliable.

He might still be located at 57 B. Benito Street, Soliven, Green Park Village, Antipolo, Rizal, 1900, Philippines.

Update: 02 Sep 2017
I don’t have a Facebook account. I created an account just so I can find his pictures using his cell phone number (0997 177 8342). I’m not sure if this is still his number. He is not replying anymore. I’m gonna delete the Facebook account I have created. You can now check his pictures at my Imgur account.

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