1. Hey, asshole. My interactions with you are always hit or miss. I don’t care if you are superior to me with regards to our line of work. If I don’t like something, I won’t be spending my time on it. I’m only doing the bare minimum. You don’t need to sabotage me. I am already doing that to myself. I am my worst enemy. You don’t need to be so condescending when talking to me. You should just die. If there are no consequences, I will be more than happy to kill you myself.

If you are so tech savvy, why don’t you fucking create the next big thing on the Internet? The next Facebook. The next Twitter. The next Amazon. The next Instagram. The next WhatsApp. The next whatever on the Internet. Why are you still working for less than 2,000 USD a month (probably more like less than 1,000 USD a month)? You could be earning millions or billions of dollars.

Fuck you and your arrogant way of talking to me. Fuck you for mistreating me. Fuck you for all the negative experiences. I know that it’s up to me to decide if I will interpret a situation in a negative, positive, or neutral way. But still. Fuck you.

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1. I had this former coworker who before he left told me that I should say hi to him (or to it) if in case I see him anywhere in the future. My answer was maybe. The reason I said maybe is because this person cursed me a couple of times right to my face. This person called me a bitch. First of all, I am not a bitch. I am a lot of things, but definitely not a bitch. An asshole, maybe sometimes, but not always. And I am not being an asshole deliberately. Second of all, I did not do anything to him to deserve this shit.

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Rose I told myself that I’m not gonna masturbate for as long as I can. But I broke the six-day chain yesterday. It’s just too difficult. I saw a very pretty young girl yesterday morning. I was beside two very pretty young girls in the jeep. I saw three very pretty young girls on my way to the supermarket. I saw two very pretty young girls while I was paying for my groceries. This challenge seems like impossible to beat. I wanna fuck those women I saw. They’re so fucking pretty! So fucking young and fresh! Fuck! Those girls are between 18 and 25 years old.

Waterfalls1. Upgraded’s web hosting plan. Enabled Level 2: Dynamic Cache and Level 3: Memcached. Doubled the quota of my mailbox. This website is now even faster.

2. I was talking to one of the people at the water refilling station. He thought I was going to establish my own water refilling station. I was very clear in my communications, but he was just too stupid to understand that I was just going to have my own personal water purifier in my studio so that I don’t have to carry heavy water containers anymore.

Winter landscapeI’ve dealt with a lot of team leaders in the past. But right now I have two specific team leaders I have in mind. These two team leaders have different approaches when an employee not under their guidance is talking to another employee that’s under their guidance. The first team leader will be sarcastic or extremely sarcastic in different ways to the employee from another team. The second team leader will tell the employee under his guidance to move to a different location when another employee from another team is talking with his minion. The sarcastic leader is incompetent and full of shit, while the leader who deals with the situation in a more subtle way is somehow competent.

I’ve encountered people say that sarcasm is directly correlated with how intelligent a person is. The first leader is very sarcastic, but he is neither intelligent nor wise. He is sneaky and vengeful. He tries really hard to project an aura of intelligence and wisdom, but fundamentally at the very core he is an incorrigible idiot. Nothing will save him from this. Not good food. Not experience. Not knowledge. Not old age. Not money. Not success.