Spring bird I upgraded my subscription plan with my current Internet service provider last Apr 2017. The effective start date of my new plan was 20 Apr 2017. From that day up until now I’m just getting 20% of the speed I’m supposed to get. I’ve talked to countless technical support representatives on the phone, and countless customer service representatives at one of their sales and service centers. I’m fed up with them. That’s why I’m gonna cancel my service with them and subscribe with another Internet service provider that has given me good customer service in the past. The only reason I stayed with my current ISP was because last Nov 2015 they were the only ISP that I can avail in my location. Now that the other ISPs are able to provide service in my area, I will not think twice in switching providers. Those motherfuckers are giving crappy service.

I was talking about this concern with the apartment manager of the apartment building I’m staying at. She might have been doing something when I knocked on her door to pay for one of my bills. I was able to read through her actions that she didn’t wanna talk anymore. I won’t be having this kind of conversation with that person anymore in the future. And people complain why I don’t talk to them. It’s because of things like this that makes me ignore them.

Argo Successfully implemented Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing for BernardGo.com. What does this mean? It means BernardGo.com has faster load times, is more secure, and is more reliable. Argo significantly reduces Internet latency, cache misses, connection errors, and connection timeouts. It means greater user experience for my readers that helps me grow my online business.

  • Smart routing / congestion avoidance
  • Tiered caching
  • Persistent connections
  • Encrypted tunnels / private network

If you’re experiencing slow load times then most likely it’s your Internet service provider (ISP). Or someone or something is hogging your Internet connection.

The unreliable people at < … > told me that I would receive a text 24 to 48 hours after 31 Aug 2017. I haven’t received any text. They are not replying via email. The person on the phone who has a comprehension problem said these people are not allowed to talk on the phone. He told me to go to the office instead.

Eugene, you piece of shit. I’m not talking to you, and you just chimed in to my conversation with another person. You don’t know what we are talking about. I’m not even asking for your opinion. I’m not even talking to you. You should not breed, but you already have a couple of kids, right? You should just kill yourself.

Stained glass

I don’t read the Bible or study the Word of God or attend church anymore for the past 5 or 6 years. It makes me disappointed when I encounter people who proclaim that they study the Word of God and do all the religious rituals religious people do then seeing them do things that I know they should not be doing. It is also a reminder of my previous self. Disappointed with them. Disappointed with my former self. In one of my previous workplaces, I witnessed someone who is very religious but at the same time touching other women even though he already has a girlfriend. Why does he have to flirt with other women? What the fuck? I understand if he doesn’t proclaim that he is religious. But to be a “holy” fuckboy? That makes me really angry. He should break up with his girlfriend, stop pretending to be “holy,” and embrace being a womanizer. Then he can flirt with all the women he wants. Touch them. Kiss them. Be acquaintances with benefits with them. Lick their boobs. Eat their pussy. Penetrate their pussy. Penetrate their anus. But beware of the consequences of his actions. Or not.

I jokingly pretend to be “innocent” and “holy.” It is obvious that I’m just fucking around. I embrace who I am: a womanizer. But this person is obviously firmly established as a “son of God.” This motherfucker should renounce his beliefs or change his ways. He can’t have both. He wants to keep his relationship with his girlfriend but at the same time have affairs with his female coworkers and the attractive females at his church? Go right ahead. Good for him.